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Russo German War 1941-1944


Language: English
Unit Scale: Division, Brigade (primarily)
Players: 1 – 2
Hot seat: Yes
AI: Yes
Edition: Physical & Download

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Russo-German War 41-44 (RGW) is an operational level wargame that covers combat between Germany and Russia from 22 June 1941 to 29 October 1944.

• The RGW map is 154 x 136 hexes covering Poland to the Urals, and Southern Finland to the Caucausus mountains.
• There are 868 villages, towns and cities on the map.
• Each hex is approximately 10 miles (center-to-center).
• Each turn is one historical week.
• The ground units are primarily divisions and brigade level.
• Air and naval units are also included in the game.
• There are 51 scenarios in the game.
• There is a dialog box method of building your own scenarios.

System requirements

Windows (32 & 64 bit) 98, XP, Vista ,7, 8/8.1 ,10

Note Vista users:
Help and music will not work in Vista. However, workarounds do exist. For Help, download the required file from Microsoft. For music, start the Windows media player and select the .wmv file desired.

Physical edition:
The physical edition includes the following:
• Paper manual
• Download link. You will receive the download also. This will allow you to play before the physical edition arrives.

Download edition:
You will be sent a link to download the software soon after your order has completed.

Orders will be serviced starting at 7PM CST every night.

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