V1.0.8 In Playtest and Available to Customers

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Big News!!!!!

WWII-E v1.0.8 is available for the playtesters/customers at the same link you were given when you purchased.  It should be considered as a beta version, with the actual release to occur after feedback from the playtesters. Please contact me if you have lost the link, or have an older version.  If you are in my database, then I will email you the link.

Just go to the link, and download the following files, and write them into your wwe folder.  Overwrite the files you have.
1. scen35.exe
2. scen36.exe
3. scen37.exe
4. scen38.exe
5. scen42.exe
6. wwe_cmd_panel_reports
7. wwe.exe

Hope you enjoy the enhancements and improved AI.  We look forward to your feedback.