V1.08 Update- 2

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Status on v108: I did not get the wholesale nfl jerseys code to the playtesters as planned, but did have a very good wholesale mlb jerseys weekend of programming and Update testing. The Ground AI is now based on a posture (aggressive, cheap nfl jerseys defensive, or standard). The dialog box specifies the posture to the player.

I have been testing using scenario #42, and using the Axis Computer Opponent. I figured that this would give the Ground AI it’s best challenge, where it has to attack wholesale jerseys and move aggressively. This new patch achieves that. The Ground AI regularly breaks through the Russian defensive line in 3-4 for places on turn 1, and moves up to 10 hexes away Announcement from the border.

One of the p? reason for the improvement is that the Combat AI now includes Combat Moves. Holes in the line are exploited, with special focus to capturing enemy cites, taking enemy Railroad supply hexes, and disrupting any attempts to re-establish a defensive line. Blitzkrieg achieved!

I have ?odyg a few more improvements to make before v108 goes to the playtesters, but I do promise to make it available to customers who have purchased as a beta copy for comments. I’ll make it available at the same time. It will be located using the same link you used to download the game when you purchased.