World War II Europe V1.0.11 released.

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We just released the latest version of the game based on many of the comments from this forum.  Navigate on Drop Box to the same link I provided you when you purchased, and download the two files.  The larger one is the new version, and the smaller one is a readme text file listing the changes (duplicated below).  Contact me if you have lost the link, and I will provide you the link if you are in our database.

Thanks to the gamers who provided me comments via email, and to the gamers on this forum who also provided me good solid enhancement comments.  As always, I prioritized the comments and made some of the enhancements.  And a couple of actual bugs were found and fixed based on your feedback.  Please keep that coming.

Note that there are now 85 battles out of a total of 102 planned.  At $50 for the game, that works out to $0.59 per battle, a good value.  And I want to reiterate that I will not stop until all 102 battles, including the Campaign battle is complete.  I made some progress on that one, but nothing ready for release.  Also note that I included the text files used to create the battles in this release for the first time.  Battles can be easily modified to fit how you want to play.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a very Happy New Year.  The week between Christmas and New Year is my favorite wargaming time of the year, and I wish this for you.


World War II Europe
Patch version 1.0.11 Content

1. Added text to Help. Section 5.0 Game Combat Operations Rules, section 5.1.7 stating that
a unit is eliminated if its combat losses are >= to the unit DF.

2. Hex coordinates will stay enabled unless reset from the Windows menu.

3. Enemy ZOC exerts a +1 enemy unit move penalty per the rules.  Was +2 in selected cases in
previous versions.

4. Added an artillery advantage in both attack and defense.  +2 for each artillery unit.

5. Five new scenarios have been built.  #89 Karelian Isthmus, #90 German Withdrawal from Finland, 
#92 Lwow-Sandomierz-Brest, #93 Breakthrough to Romania and #94 Breakthrough to the Baltic are
included in this version.  85 of 102 scenarios are now complete (83.3%).

6. Fixed selected Julio Fernandez Ruiz Comments on 17 scenarios.

7. Fixed terrain array for hex 278, 228. Also fixed bridge at 278,205 to 278,206. (Bill Macon comments)

8. Fixed Malta comments from jcrohio (Design Note and initial German Air unit locations.)

9. Hot Key Changes

     I Displays all units with default attribute (unit type) on map

     J Displays Ground Units only on map

     K Displays Air Units only on map

     L Displays Naval Units only on map

     R causes the last report to be displayed.  For example, this allows a report to be displayed, followed
     by map scrolling, followed by pressing the “r” key to display that same report. Note that this is reset
     at the end of each phase.

     W toggles Weather display on and off

10. Added a visual cue for autoscrolling.  A thin black line is displayed on scrollable maps
indicating the location where the cursor will start autoscrolling.  Autoscrolling will occur when the
cursor is at the black line or ten pixels closer toward the edge of the screen.

11. Fixed Reports so that second column of combats are now displayed.

12. Fixed road and railroad indicators in terrain array for hex 292, 149 (one hex north of Smolensk).

Reminders of past changes (addresses some of the comments received on Dogs of War:

13. Operations can be initiated from the OOB Display.  Left click on friendly HQ unit and select OOB Display. Then
left click on a unit in the OOB display.  Unit is selected for moves, etc.  If you right click on a unit in the
OOB display, then the game allocates one reserve point to that unit if it is available and eligible.

14. For Stack moves, Shift-Left Click on a unit will cause all units of that type to be moved as a stack.
Shift-Left Click on an HQ unit will all cause all units in the hex subordinate to that HQ to be moved as a stack.

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