World War II Europe V1.09 released.

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We released WWII-E v1.09 today. Please use the link you received when you originally purchased the game to download this version. If you have previously purchased and lost the link, then send me an email and I will send it to you.

The version contains a few improvements and five new scenarios:

1. Auto-scroll has been improved. It now works on all edges. For scrolling left or right, just move the mouse cursor to the narrow band (3 pixels wide) from the edge. For scrolling up or down, there is a narrow band where autoscroll is active. Just move the cursor until you find it. Note the Auto-scroll is off while the cursor is in the Command Panel.

2. Air Ground Support operation has been modified so that it works for both attack and defense. Just move the air unit into the same hex as friendly ground units during the Turn Deployment phase. If that hex is attacked in the enemy Combat Phase, then the air unit performing this op will be included as a defender. Note that Air Ground Support for attacking units work the same way as it has in previous version. i.e. The friendly air unit performing this op in an enemy unit ZOC can be selected a an attacker.

3. Design Note icon has been added to the main Command Panel. Clicking on it will display the Design Notes for the current scenario. Works similar to Game Status. I am converting the information in a form that can be displayed rapidly.

4. Five new scenarios for this version have been added. They are 39, 40, 41, 77, and 79. This brings the total to 72, leaving 30 to go.

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